Music videos

False evidence

Francis Kuipers & Goran Mimica; Film by: Ries Straver; Editor: Akshay Mehta

Blindfold Blues

Lyrics Abel Ferrara, music Francis Kuipers. Film by Ione Kerr Ciccioli. Location Etruscan Tomb, 7th century BC. Assistant Editor Dennis Kuipers. 2011

Citizen Cake

Videoclip produced and directed by Francis Kuipers. Filmmaker George Bottos. Composer of the original music score

Live performing

Mad Driving Mama

Voice: Francis Kuipers; Guitar: Enrico Micheletti

Francis Kuipers & Abel Ferrara, 2007

End credits of the documentary Napoli, Napoli, Napoli


Coco De Mer

Italian discourse on a coconut by Francis Kuipers directed and filmed by George Bottos



Producer, Director and Music: Francis Kuipers. Editor Miroslav Janek. Camera Ries Straver

Ah Roma!

Lyrics Gregory Corso. Music Francis Kuipers. Published by Red Records, Italy

The world of sound is the last environmental frontier


Promotional demo; directed by George Bottos


A series of 13 episodes for Tv directed by George Bottos

Sound lecture at Fabrica

Sound and the Prophecies of Change