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Roma Caracalla

Roma Caracalla | Francis Kuipers

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Sound lecture at Fabrica

Sound lecture at Fabrica | Francis Kuipers

Sound and the Prophecies of Change

All over the world, sound permits or accompanies every kind of communication. It continuously follows us, accompanying our actions like the score of a movie and influencing our emotions.  Sound tells us about our origins. It defines who we are and it prophesies change. By controlling the soundscape, it is possible to influence time and reality; to change peoples’ lives.  Sound is a major environmental issue.

False evidence - Live

False evidence - Live | Francis Kuipers










    Blindfold Blues

    Blindfold Blues | Francis Kuipers

    Blindfold Blues

    Lyrics Abel Ferrara, music Francis Kuipers. Film by Ione Kerr Ciccioli. Location Etruscan Tomb, 7th century BC. Assistant Editor Dennis Kuipers. 2011.


    Sound | Francis Kuipers


    Broadcast universally, sound is a common element in our lives, accompanying every type of communication and employed to create ambience of all kinds. It follows us constantly much like the score of a movie. We are continually, consciously or unwittingly, effected by it. Sound waves have an extraordinary impact on human beings, irrespective of their culture and place of origin; it is impossible to remain indifferent to them. Sound tells us about our origins and where we come from; it defines whom we are and it can prophesy change.Sound and music has a multitude of uses; it has never served only for entertainment. Our ancestors recognised its power and they utilised it for a vast range of political, religious and ceremonial purposes. Sound and music has played an immensely important role throughout history, from the Etruscans, who used it in ceremony to communicate with their Gods, to the Middle Ages when percussive instruments were banned for being Satanic, to present-day sonic ambience control and Ultrasonic sound used in surgery.

    SOUND discusses specific areas and functions of sound and provides its audience with a vast variety of sonic information, from ancient ethnic chants and shamanic musical formulae to the short-wave code talking of secret agencies. OVERVIEW

    SOUND is a dissertation on sound and music presented ‘live’ or ‘voiced-over’ featuring film clips of performances, film-sets, music studios etc, provided by an international team of reporters, including highly skilled professionals from film productions stationed throughout the world. 

    Most visuals used in SOUND is original footage, most audio material is especially composed for the show; to illustrate specific arguments, stock archival film footage or brief samples of published music and sound ambience might be utilized.

    Tiny Alice

    Tiny Alice | Francis Kuipers

    Tiny Alice

    Teatro Colosseo May 2005 written by Edward Albee, directed by Abel Ferrara.

    Music by Francis Kuipers.



    Sound | Francis Kuipers


    Promotional demo, not for public viewing.

    The world of sound is the last environmental frontier.

    Directed by George Bottos
    SUBJECT: sound, its meaning and functions
    DURATION OF EPISODES: 23-26 minutes each, as needed.
    LANGUAGE: English
    FINAL MIX: Quadraphonic

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    Francis Kuipers & Abel Ferrara, Naples 2007

    Francis Kuipers & Abel Ferrara, Naples 2007 | Francis Kuipers

    Francis Kuipers & Abel Ferrara in concert, Naples 2007

    Citizen Cake

    Citizen Cake | Francis Kuipers
    Citizen Cake, videoclip produced and directed by Francis Kuipers. Filmmaker George Bottos. Composer of the original music score.

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    Francis Kuipers in Scipione

    Francis Kuipers in Scipione | Francis Kuipers

    Performance at the exhibition by Thomas Gratz in Scipione, Spain.