Breakdown, Radio drama for the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation NZBC, 1st Commonwealth prize for best radio drama. Composer of original music.

Armageddon Here I Come, satirical review by Michael Noonan and Alexander Guyan, Auckland, New Zealand. Producer and composer of original music.

Billy Billy C’era Una Volta. Radio series for Rai III, Italy, Dep. of School and Education. Script, music and direction.

Tiny Alice, stage play by Edward Albee directed by Abel Ferrara (Italian production) with Chiara Caselli and Luca Lionello, set by Frank Decurtis. Composer of original music with ‘live’ performance by string trio conducted by Francis Kuipers.


  • Radio Broadcasts and series for NZBC, Christchurch and Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Radio Series RAI III Radio, Italy.
  • Blues Oggi, Blues Ieri
  • Folkconcerto
  • Controcanto
  • Un Certo Discorso
  • Estate Musicale
  • Pomeriggio Musicale