Francis Kuipers

musician, musicologist, composer, author

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Poetry & Music - Gregory Corso and Francis Kuipers

Performace - Gregory Corso and Francis Kuipers


Music for the Kokocinsky Show, National Museum, Beijing, China, 2006.

Perfetti & Invisibili
Perfetti ed Invisibili curated by Franco la Ceccia produced by Pitti Immagine (Palazzo degli Innocenti - Firenze - Italy).


The Pillar of Silence - Mobile Exhibition

Provocation through delight. Imagine this machine in a noisy place: Times Sq, Mumbai Railway station, the centre of Tokyo…… Perhaps the most sought after human condition is peace and quiet. The Pillar of Silence is both a mobile work of art and a machine that provides a valuable community service. As well as giving people a pleasurable experience it draws attention to the urgent necessity of dealing with one of society’s great environmental problems: noise pollution. The pillar comes air-conditioned…
The pillar can be a number of shapes; images can be projected on its surface.

The pillar of silence - by: Francis Kuipers