Francis Kuipers

musician, musicologist, composer, author

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docu-drama directed by Abel Ferrara
original music score by Francis Kuipers
available at


• Isola Anonima, CD
Anthology, CD
Mary, CD
• Country Concert, CD
• Jo & Francis, Folk & Spiritual, LP
• Jo & Francis, Folk Ballad Spiritual Blues Folk, LP
• Country & White Spirituals, LP
• Superguitar, LP
• Gregory Corso with the music of Francis Kuipers, LP
• Shake that thing ,7" vinyl single
• The Superguitar, 7" vinyl single
• L'altra America Canta a cura di Piero Pieroni, Audiocassette
Go Go Tales, CD

• Napoli Napoli Napoli, CD

. Blindfold Blues, CD

. The Kings Of Lies, CD


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Anthology (CD)

Gregory Corso with the music of Francis Kuipers

Mary (CD)

Isola Anonima (CD)

Country Concert (CD)

Folk & Spiritual (LP)

Folk, Blues and Rags (LP)

Country Blues and White Spirituals (LP)

Superguitar (LP)

Shake that thing (Single)

Folk Ballad Spiritual Blues Folk (LP)

The Superguitar (Single)

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 Napoli Napoli Napoli (CD)
L'altra America Canta,
a cura di Piero Pieroni
Fratelli Fabbri Editori

Napoli Napoli Napoli (CD)



The CDs ANTHOLOGY and NAPOLI NAPOLI NAPOLI can be purchased in Italy by sending an email to Price: 10 E. plus postage. 


They can also be purchased at or at

The score of "MARY", directed by Abel Ferrara, is available from Gypsy Records, GY 2005, distributed by Delta Dischi, Milan. This CD can be purchased at and contains performances by Francis Kuipers.