Francis Kuipers

musician, musicologist, composer, author

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Articles and prose by Francis Kuipers have been published by Klat (Holland) Ambit (Britain), Autrements (France), and La Mandragora, Avvenimenti and Juliet (Italy).

Un futuro senza orecchie, published in Juliet n.87, 1998

Le «Tombarolo», le «Rompitore» et le Rêve Étrusque. Toscane Toscane Dirigé par Ornella Tondini Published by:Autrements Revue

Excerpt from Celebrance Of Pity, published in Ambit 133, 1993

A Society Without Ears, interview with Francis Kuipers, published by BZ, Bolzano, 1999.

Il Tombarolo, il Rompitore e il Sogno Etrusco. Toscana Toscana, published by La Mandragora, Firenze.

'Harold mi offrì una sangrilla' Published in Folkstudio Story by Dario Salvatori, Studio Forma, Torino, 1981.

Under the name of Francis Khane: Makè Makè, a book with illustrations by Russell Carlisle, Attaman Press, London.